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Comprehensive Eye Exam

 We believe in complete and full ocular health examinations to evaluate major components of your vision. A careful refraction will determine the right prescription to provide crisp clear vision for your eyes. Binocular vision testing determines if your eyes are working together efficiently to minimize stress and strain during today’s increasingly high visual demands. Finally, a microscopic examination and dilation check the health of important ocular structures. 



 There is a contact lens for everyone. If your contacts don’t feel right, then let us find the solution. If you’ve given up on them years ago, then give us a chance. Yearly evaluations will determine the best lens for your eyes and visual demands, regardless if “they haven’t changed in years”. As humans, many aspects of our health continue to change and fluctuate over time. So why wear the same lens from high school?  We’ll determine the proper lens to help you see comfortably and clearly. We believe in prescribing what’s best for your eyes, not what the t.v commercial says is best. 



  Glaucoma Management Macular Degeneration Testing, Diabetic Eye Evaluations, Eye Traumas/Injuries/Emergencies, Allergy Eyes, "Pink Eye" and Red Eye Problems, Headaches and Eye Strain Flashes and Floaters Eyelid Lumps and Bumps. Also, any infections or swelling with false eye lashes 


Dr. Perko is here for your emergency eye care needs. We’ll evaluate and diagnose the problem, then determine the right treatment. If necessary, we can refer to a specialist for sight threatening emergencies.